Trust and transformation

The state of Texas has a budget deficit in the billions. Schools and library programs will be cut, which means people will suffer. Both institutions are about transforming lives through information. This great video says it better than I ever could…

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7 thoughts on “Trust and transformation

  1. Makes my hear feel great when I think that I’m in a place that I might help a child in any way! I hope our legislators know the impact that librarians can have. I know they have heard it, but do they KNOW it?

  2. This reminds me of Gary Paulsen’s story. It is a chain reaction and once put in motion difficult to reverse (whether from a positive or negative aspect)!

  3. I am always humbled when I hear that students have told their teachers or parents how much I as a teacher or librarian have impacted their lives. We often forget that these kids bring the relationships and connections we make here at school home with them and oftentimes we are who they look up to. That is a very humbling and awesome responsibility! I shutter to think who they will look up to and find as a role model if they are not offered compassionate, ethical and educated examples.

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